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This directory is designed for the convenience of prospective owners of Rhodesian Ridgebacks trying to locate a puppy or a grown dog.  It is suggested that a potential buyer contact several of the breeders in this directory in order to develop a frame of reference.  Read traits of a good breeder to better understand what to look for in a breeder.  Also, SDRRC strongly encourages potential Ridgeback owners to visit the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS).  This is our parent club and is a great site with a lot of information to help you gain more knowledge about Rhodesian Ridgebacks before deciding on a purchase.  Use the links below as another aid for you in deciding whether a Ridgeback is a fit for your family.


SDRRC members in this directory have agreed to comply with the guidelines of SDRRC and the RRCUS code of ethics.  Members agree to breed only OFA-certified stock certified to be dysplasia free, or preliminary clear evaluation by OFA in the case of animals under two years of age.

SDRRC does not endorse or recommend any particular breeder listed in this directory; nor does the club guarantee the services provided by any breeder in this directory.  Persons who use this directory should also be aware that SDRRC does not guarantee puppies or dogs purchased from a listed breeder.


Effective January 1, 2006, the SDRRC Board adopted the following requirements for a member to have the privilege of listing on the SDRRC Breeder's Page:
1)  The breeder must be a voting member in good standing;
2)  The breeder must attend at least two meetings during the calendar year; and
3)  The Breeder must volunteer to help for at least one club event during the calendar year.
Compliance with these requirements must be met by December 31, 2006, unless the prospective breeder becomes a member after the time when compliance is possible (e.g. when there are not two meetings remaining for the year).  No Breeder currently on the list will be removed until a compliance audit in January, 2007

SDRRC Breeders List


A puppy next to my name means I have puppies now, or I'm expecting some real soon.


Sherrie Todd
San Diego, CA
Lyn Valdivia
Jamul, CA
Manzanita Ridgebacks
(619) 468-9080
Helen G. Hayek
David T. Hayek
Escondido, CA
HPK-Tropaco Rhodesian Ridgebacks
(760) 738-9171
Jill Davis  
     Julian, CA

Rainbow Hill Ridgebacks
(760) 765-2010
Cory and Jane Bowers
Wildomar, CA
CJS Ranch Rhodesian Ridgebacks


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